User Interview 5

Jerry Bates: How often do you write posts on your site? What kind of topics do you write about?

User 5: I actually am building a learning management system for teachers

Jerry Bates: Hey, that is pretty cool!

User 5: It uses WP and in the process I have to get insights from them
User 5: So one of the things I asked them was to basically share their thoughts on changing to the grid, they mentioned a few things

Jerry Bates: Well, before we talk about that, I was more curious about the existing media library

User 5: Ah
User 5: Yes

Jerry Bates: How often do you find yourself on the Media Library page in your dashboard? Frequently, occasionally, almost never, or not at all?

User 5: Frequently

Jerry Bates: what are you trying to accomplish there typically?

User 5: Usually am trying to find the right image to share usually via a link. Not always in a post, also for more advanced filtering of the media then provided inside the post area.

Jerry Bates: Any other tasks that you find yourself going to the Media Library for?

User 5: Deleting duplicates and unwanted images, also looking for images generated by weird plugins.
User 5: Mostly bulk action stuff

Jerry Bates: I see. How much media do you have in your Media Library?
Jerry Bates: Thousands of files, Hundreds of files, or just a few

User 5: About 2 hundred, one of my clients has around 14 million…

Jerry Bates: Wow. Just wow

User 5: I am not joking either, lol

Jerry Bates: and a very good hosting plan? 🙂

User 5: Each has its own thumbnail to, yes she has wpengine and then S3

Jerry Bates: What type of media makes up the majority of files in your library? Images, Video, Audio, Documents (word, pdf, etc.) or an even mix?

User 5: Its a mix of content, basically Images, Documents (PDF, Word), Videos, not many plain audio files though

Jerry Bates: So you mentioned using the library to filter through stuff, so how do you locate things in the Media Library?
Jerry Bates: Do you tend to scan visually for the thumbnails, focus on the titles, look for where the media is “Uploaded to”, or something else?

User 5: Through the sortable columns and search mostly
User 5: Then I have to scan through and find the item

Jerry Bates: Do you also sort by media type?

User 5: Yes
User 5: I actually went into the core and added more media types
User 5: I couldn’t find an action or filter to use

Jerry Bates: Interesting. What other types?

User 5: Documents
User 5: PDF
User 5: There was one more, let me look

Jerry Bates: What about filenames (Titles) do you edit those often?

User 5: No

Jerry Bates: Do you use captions with your media typically? What about the description field?

User 5: Usually not, its sort of just drop it in and select, although I have thought about making it so it auto fills it in based on the filename

Jerry Bates: Gotcha. Are there any tasks you find difficult to accomplish in the library currently?

User 5: I wish I could see which files are using the most data
User 5: Like Daisydisk for Mac
User 5: Some sort of overview I suppose

Jerry Bates: Right. I like that app, actually. I’ll have to give it a try
Jerry Bates: So what about the other side of the coin. Are there any tasks you wish the Media Library would allow you to do currently?
Jerry Bates: Though you may have already answered that a bit above…

User 5: Well, auto input for files, a bit better filtering of content by filetype, being able to see all the media by a user type, i.e. subscriber.

Jerry Bates: Interesting. I could see that being useful

User 5: Oh
User 5: The thumbnails
User 5: Whenever images have their own thumbnails, links to that maybe, something where you can see the thumbnails belonging to an image