User Interview 3

Jerry Bates: first off, before we get into the media library, how long have you been a WordPress user?

User 3: for the past 3 years.

Jerry Bates: Cool, you came for the good years. 🙂
Jerry Bates: Do you use WordPress personally, build WordPress sites for others, or both?

User 3: you?

Jerry Bates: Oh dear, I made my first post in 2007, started building sites in 2010 or so

User 3: and yes to the last question.
User 3: that’s awesome!

Jerry Bates: How often do you find yourself on the Media Library page in your dashboard? Frequently, occasionally, almost never, or not at all?

User 3: frequently

Jerry Bates: Interesting. When you do visit the Media Library, what are you trying to accomplish typically?

User 3: just checking on some files, verifying URLs, etc. i suppose i should say occasionally given the percentage of time there over writing, coding, and the like.

Jerry Bates: Gotcha. If I can ask, what are you checking on?
Jerry Bates: Sounds like it can be a few different things

User 3: sometimes i may check to see whether or not i have a specific image, where i placed it, what the URL is for embedding it elsewhere. don’t use it for audio or video, yet.

Jerry Bates: I see, so mostly images?

User 3: yes

Jerry Bates: How much do you have in your Media Library? Thousands of files, Hundreds of files, or just a few

User 3: close to thousands, hundreds in several installs.

Jerry Bates: How about when you upload media to your site? Do you use the Media > Add New page?

User 3: yes
User 3: or i use deskpm or pressgram. XMLRPC.

Jerry Bates: Very cool. When you are actually adding media in the Add New page, is that just in certain situations? If so, what kinds?

User 3: i’d say almost everyday for blog posts, pages, or site content for clients.

Jerry Bates: Do you use it more frequently than, say the post editor Add Media button?

User 3: No. I misread what you said earlier. addhngmedia via the add new page happens several times a week but not as often as the add media button in the post editor.

Jerry Bates: No problem. So how do you locate things in the Media Library?
Jerry Bates: Do you tend to scan visually for the thumbnails, focus on the titles, look for where the media is “Uploaded to”, or something else?

User 3: scanning for thumbnails …

Jerry Bates: Do you ever have situations where you need to use the filters at the top, or click the columns in the Media Library to re-sort your view, or do you really just look for images visually?

User 3: rarely filter.
User 3: most media files I’m looking for tend to be recent,
User 3: but, I’m glad its there.
User 3: along with search.

Jerry Bates: Great. Do you use captions with your media typically? What about the description field?

User 3: depends. captions from time to time. description not really. working on using alternative text more for accessibility purposes.

Jerry Bates: Are there any tasks you find difficult to accomplish in the library currently?

User 3: it’s always nice to have a fresh UI that would be grid like like iTunes album covers, with the ability to increase/decreasre size.

Jerry Bates: I see. What about the other side of the coin?
Jerry Bates: Are there any tasks you wish the Media Library would allow you to do currently?

User 3: it’d be great to have an auto alt tag feature that takes the title and sets it as the alt tag.

Jerry Bates: Hmm that is interesting. I worry for all the DSC09844 alt tags we might release on the internet.
Jerry Bates: Do you often change the title of your images?

User 3: regarding the difficulties, sometimes its hard to locate files, but then again, i should use the filters and search.
User 3: no i don’t … and imagine the img21133 alt tags too!

Jerry Bates: ha, well it is a cool idea nonetheless

User 3: for sure.