User Interview 2

Jerry Bates: First off, before we get into the media library, how long have you been a WordPress user?

User 2: somewhere between 3 and 4 years maybe
User 2: not that long 🙂

Jerry Bates: Gotcha. How often do you write posts on your site? What kind of topics do you write about?

User 2: I don’t usually write posts for myself. I’m work as a developer so it is usually just whenever someone is having some issues with the interface. Although me and a couple classmates have a “blog” with school articles.
User 2: So i guess you could say i usually just write science articles. That would be about once a month. But the work I do involves a lot more tiny editing around articles (many times a day)

Jerry Bates: How often do you find yourself on the Media Library page in your dashboard? Frequently, occasionally, almost never, or not at all?

User 2: Somewhere between Frequently and occasionally. it depends on how you would classify them.
User 2: Not every day, but almost always more than once a week.

Jerry Bates: Gotcha. When you do visit the Media Library, what are you trying to accomplish typically?

User 2: Usually one of three things. #1 Upload images to use in theme or code somewhere, #2 upload a bunch of images, #3 Looking for broken images
User 2: Oh, and searching for/locating and retrieving information for an image (like URL)
User 2: So I usually just use the media library page when I need to upload a [bunch] of images (or files). otherwise I would just use the “add media” button from the edit screen of a post.

Jerry Bates: How much media do you have in your Media Library? Thousands of files, Hundreds of files, or just a few

User 2: It rarely goes beyond 1000
User 2: (So houndreds)

Jerry Bates: I see. What type of media makes up the majority of files in your library?
Jerry Bates: Images, Video, Audio, Documents (word, pdf, etc.) or an even mix?

User 2: That would be images
User 2: Although there are also some documents. But never videos or Audio

Jerry Bates: Gotcha. So when looking, how do you locate media in the library?
Jerry Bates: Do you tend to scan visually for the thumbnails, focus on the titles, look for where the media is “Uploaded to”, or something else?

User 2: It depends on what I’m doing.
User 2: When I was looking for broken images I just looked at the thumbnails.
User 2: Otherwise i tend to search for the name (if I know it).
User 2: Afterwards I usually look at the “Uploaded to” to verify that it works on the post.
User 2: On smaller sites with just around 20 images, visual scanning is more than enough.

Jerry Bates: Gotcha. What about times when the filename doesn’t help? Or do you typically rename everything to get rid of stuff like DSC00398?

User 2: Way too many files are named from the cameras (like you describe), so filenames doesn’t always help. Then it is usually just visual scanning as you said.

Jerry Bates: Yeah, those things really don’t help, do they
Jerry Bates: Do you use captions with your media typically? What about the description field?

User 2: Hm, I must say no. I like to do so, however it tend to take too much time. Although if the image should be displayed with one I obviously write it.

Jerry Bates: And when you write a caption in those situations, do you do it in the Media Library, or in the post editor?

User 2: Post editor
User 2: I don’t think I’ve ever done it in Media library

Jerry Bates: Do you ever have situations where you need to use the filters at the top, or click the columns to re-sort your view?

User 2: Yes, I’ve sorted the filename alphabetically, and sometimes the author.
User 2: But I usually leave it alone

Jerry Bates: Gotcha. Are there any tasks you find difficult to accomplish in the library currently?

User 2: hm
User 2: Actually, yes. Sometimes I would like to get the basic information from quite a few images. Often just URL but sometimes also Width and Height. But whenever I do this I’m left with either tons of tabs open, or I need to go back and fourth to the library.
User 2: This also occurs after a large bulk upload
User 2: Its not directly an issue, but more an enhancement.
User 2: Instead of clicking “edit” to access more image details, it could fade in or something. Like the post screen does.
User 2: post library or whatever, when you click “quick edit”
User 2: “Quick info” 🙂

Jerry Bates: Interesting. So you kind of already answered this, but I want to ask it anyway:
Jerry Bates: Assuming there are no limitations, How would you fill in the blank here? “My life would be easier if the Media Library did ______”

User 2: Show me more basic information.

Jerry Bates: You mentioned file URL and dimensions (for images) anything else useful?

User 2: Hm, No I think that is basically it. There isn’t much more information on the edit screen after all.
User 2: Perhaps file size
User 2: I don’t use it, but that is the only thing missing except the image editor.
User 2: oh, and captions and description. But that might take up too much space. I don’t know… Atleast I would use the URL and dimensions