User Interview 1

Jerry Bates: First off, before we get into the media library, how long have you been a WordPress user?

User 1: since 2006

Jerry Bates: Cool, How often do you write posts on your site?

User 1: I am not the most regular blogger of my own content
User 1: I write posts when I am on holiday
User 1: or for business purposes
User 1: I do however run a dev company and we build sites for our clients

Jerry Bates: No problem, you don’t need to be a power blogger.

User 1: I regularly test and evaluate sites we build
User 1: I would say I am definitely a power user

Jerry Bates: Very cool! How often do you find yourself on the Media Library page in your dashboard? Frequently, occasionally, almost never, or not at all?

User 1: occasionally
User 1: I usually use media from posts or post types

Jerry Bates: How do you mean?

User 1: when adding a post I use the media library functions via “add new post” page
User 1: we use post types a lot

Jerry Bates: Ah, gotcha. When you do visit the Media Library, what are you trying to accomplish typically?

User 1: maybe search for images
User 1: one sec, lemme open and view to think

Jerry Bates: sure thing. I wonder, what are you searching for typically?

User 1: ok, so we import data from other sites
User 1: for example migration from joomla to wordpress
User 1: now ~I need to find an image
User 1: with “cape-town” in the name
User 1: I got to search media
User 1: we use a plugin called ewww image optimizer
User 1: we use that
User 1: from that page sometimes
User 1: sometimes I need to edit images
User 1: crop
User 1: resize
User 1: or other
User 1: I do that from the media library, but also quite often from the “add post” page
User 1: I often try to identify what post the image is attached to
User 1: going to the media library and searching for names helps find suitable candidates and then you can tell what posts they are attached to to
User 1: deleting images from media library is useful, especially in bulk

Jerry Bates: Gotcha! How much media do you have in your Media Library? Thousands of files, Hundreds of files, or just a few

User 1: my blog doesn’t have much
User 1: but the sites I work with generally have thousands of posts
User 1: and more often than not have a minimum of 1 featured image and about 5 images attached (used for gallery)
User 1: our sites import data from external APIs
User 1: which is why we have so many posts stored in different post types

Jerry Bates: That’s pretty interesting. What type of media makes up the majority of files in your library?
Jerry Bates: Images, Video, Audio, Documents (word, pdf, etc.) or an even mix

User 1: images
User 1: mostly png
User 1: never audio or video
User 1: because we live in south africa
User 1: you don’t even want to know how crap the interwebs are here
User 1: documents = PDFs
User 1: never word

Jerry Bates: Perfect. Since you typically have images, How do you locate them in the library?
Jerry Bates: Do you tend to scan visually for the thumbnails, focus on the titles, look for where the media is “Uploaded to”, or something else?

User 1: good question, with difficulty
User 1: unfortunately people are not really diligent in naming files
User 1: the imports we do often have good data, but also often have bad data naming conventions
User 1: like DSC00546
User 1: personally I rename files before uploading
User 1: when I batch upload files to my own site
User 1: I purposely rename everything before and bulk upload via the media library upload page

Jerry Bates: Interesting. Do you do anything to help filter your view when searching for something specific?
Jerry Bates: Like use the filters at the top, or click the columns to re-sort the view

User 1: ok, lemme think
User 1: ok, filters like on posts page
User 1: for example
User 1: currently the only filter is by date
User 1: so no I have not used filters on media library data

Jerry Bates: Or re-sorted the columns (kinda like a filter I guess)

User 1: filters are always helpful, same goes for clickable columns

Jerry Bates: How do they help you?

User 1: not very much

Jerry Bates: Gotcha. 🙂

User 1: sort by author is useful
User 1: but most images are imported
User 1: so no author attached

Jerry Bates: Do you use captions with your media typically? What about the description field?

User 1: good question, yes and yes, but mostly I do this when loading an image via a post, it is not usually relevant straight from the media library

Jerry Bates: What kinds of situations do you use the Add New Media page for? You mentioned bulk uploading. Do you ever use it besides that?

User 1: I use that page for bulk uploading regularly, then edit names afterwards

Jerry Bates: So are there tasks you find difficult to accomplish in the library currently?

User 1: yes, maybe this is our coding, but I found a challenging issue today, when I wanted to find a featured image after clicking featured image, I wanted to select an image size that you can usually select from within a post
User 1: size = small, medium, large
User 1: I need to sit with my developer tomorrow and discuss why this process is challenging

Jerry Bates: Sounds like that is outside of the media library, though (and in the post editor) yeah?

User 1: yes
User 1: media library works well imo
User 1: I am easy to please
User 1: and don’t find anything really that challenging about media library

Jerry Bates: Assuming there are no limitations, How would you fill in the blank here? “My life would be easier if the Media Library did ______”

User 1: well… tough question, it doesn’t bother me
User 1: so currently I don’t have any issues
User 1: or needs