4.0 Roadmap

We’re quickly coming up to 4.0 merge decision day. Next Wednesday in core dev chat our plugin will be decided to be core-worthy or not. In preparation, I’d like to nail down a roadmap for Media Grid in the 4.0 cycle.

  1. Clean up bulk editing UI. I just shoved the default wp.media.Attachments view, and added some CSS so it looks okay. Would appreciate some review from UI folks about where we should go with it. See a recent post of mine for more discussion that needs feedback.
  2. Image library thumbnail size control. We need review on this, whether it’s helpful to users, and more discussion on how it should be implemented if we’re going forward with it. See Shaun’s latest post.
  3. Remove the router menu (i.e. the tabs) and move Upload Media into a link next to the Media Library title, a la post type list pages. Upload media could open in a modal view on top of the media grid.
  4. Filtering and Searching. What can we do to make this experience better for users? Currently we have a basic search that only searches the title field of the attachment.
  5. Field parity between Edit Media screen and Attachment Details sidebar view.
  6. We need to allow users to access the old Edit Media screen, in case they have custom UI there (custom meta boxes, custom taxonomies, who knows). On that note, we should probably have a general filter to disable the media grid view to allow folks to keep editing as they have been in the past.
  7. Responsive support.
  8. Keyboard Accessibility (see #23560), which we’re currently scoring a big 0 on. Whatever we do here should go upstream to the modal.
  9. Previews of media within the grid. Listen to audio attachments, view videos leveraging recent media work (perhaps in the Attachment Details sidebar view? Full-screen (or modal-like) previews of images.

Feel free to add other items we should focus on in the comments.